2016 BMW R1200GS Adventure. Things We Learned After 22,000 Km [13,600 Miles]

2016 BMW R1200GS Adventure. Things We Learned after 22,000 km [13,600 miles] 1

BMW R1200GS Adventure long-term review: six months, two long trips and a rally.

This white BMW R1200GS Adventure, nicknamed “Fatty Boo” entered the Riders family in late May 2016. Just after a few days she got some aftermarket accessories and left for the “Great Caucasus Ride”  – 8,500 km/5,200 miles through Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, and Armenia. 

Right after that, “Fatty Boo” left for a holiday in Europe through Poland, Czech Republic, and the Alps. She had a passenger on her back-seat and a smaller passenger our test-rider found out later about later – Ionut Ivana will be a father soon. 

Then, it was the GS Transilvania Tour Challenge – 1,200 km/ 750 miles out off road. 

Besides these trips, our long-term BMW R1200GS Adventure was used for daily commute. 

BMW R1200GS Adventure Cappadocia 2

Ionut Ivana – our videographer – took care of “Fatty Boo” all this time and he is now reporting what he learned doing all these miles. 

1. The Brakes are phenomenal. There were some tough moments when I had to pull on hard the lever, but the bike stopped on a dime. 

2. The Range: 450 – 650 km/ 280 miles – 400 miles, depending on the rpm regime. 2016 BMW R1200GS Adventure Fuel consumption:

Great Caucasus Ride Average – 5,4 l/100 km – 43,52 mpg
Urban – 7 l/100 km – 33,57 mpg
Average – 6 l/100 km – 39,17 mpg

BMW R1200GS Adventure Cappadocia 4

Our "Fatty Boo" R1200GS Adventure was featured in the following stories:

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3. Fog LED-Projector problems

Our R1200GS Adventure bike had some problems with the led fog lights. The first projector stopped working before the 1,000 km/ 600 miles service. It was replaced, but then stopped working again in Moldova, after riding during heavy rain and over flooded roads. I replaced it at the 20,000 km/ 12,427 miles service. Then, after some high-water crossings at the GS TT, the other one broke. It seems my projectors are not quite waterproof. 

4. Info Button – I replaced the button at the 10,000 km/ 6,000 miles service interval. 

5. GS Transilvania Tour 2016 – Enduro Pro Riding Mode

The GS TT was the opportunity to use the Enduro Pro electronic riding mode. The R1200GS was equipped with Heidenau K60 Scout Tires. 

There is no throttle-lag when using the Enduro Pro riding mode. The electronics are calibrated to kick in off-road while using dual-sport tires. 

Meanwhile, the basic Enduro mode is for those who have street tires (Metzeler Tourance Next, Michelin Anakee III) and with the occasional switch to soft off-road. 

In Enduro Pro mode there is no ABS on the back wheel, while the front is calibrated for off-road use. The dual-brake system is still active, and you can use the brake both on the front and back wheel by pulling the hand lever. However, I didn’t use this feature, and I preferred to use the classical braking technique. 

The ASC System (Traction Control) allows you to slide in an aggressive manner. 

BMW R1200GS Adventure Ushguli

BMW R1200GS Adventure is an amazing mile-eater 

6. The Engine has enough power – 125 hp and 125 NM – so the passenger's extra-weight won't matter when overtaking. I travelled for 5,000 km with a passenger, fully-loaded cases and a tank bag. Never felt the engine stuggling. 

7. Weather protection. BMW R1200GS Adventure features excellent leg-area weather protection. However, when it comes to the windshield, I would have preferred a taller one – I am 1,80m. It’s a matter of taste. 

8. After the off-road sections in Georgia and Turkey, I started to hear a “squeak”, probably caused by the height-adjust system. 

BMW R1200GS Adventure Cappadocia

9. It’s better than I expected in the city. You would still rather use the wide boulevards instead of small streets and alleys. 

10. The original aluminum luggage system is tough and offers enough space for a two-up ride. If you plan to go off-road and pass through muddy roads, the cases might lock to the rack. You need a water jet to take them down. 

BMW R1200GS Adventure

The Bike: 2016 R1200GS, top of the range equipment, Pro Riding Modes, Dynamic ESA, GPS System. 

Aftermarket accessories: Wunderlich Handlebar Raisers, radiator protection, final drive crash protector. 

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