2016 Triumph Tiger XCX vs. 2016 BMW F800GS. on Road & Off-Road Test

We put the new Triumph Tiger 800 XC against the BMW F800GS. Our mission: to see which is the best middleweight adventure touring motorcycle.

They are lighter, cheaper, less sophisticated, but ready to take you almost anywhere you want. Sometimes, the middleweight adventure-touring motorcycles seem to be a better option compared to the heavy and ultra high-tech big adventure bikes. 

triumph tiger 800 xcx vs bmw f800gs11

Both the Tiger XCX and the F800GS have the same specs: a 21 inches front wheel, similar wind protections, similar chassis, and electronics. But there is one big difference: the engine. While the BMW uses the 800 cc parallel twin, the Triumph has an 800 cc inline-three cylinder power plant. 

triumph tiger 800 xcx vs bmw f800gs1

To see what these bikes are capable of, we tested them both on curvy roads and off-road. The Tiger XCX was fitted with Continental TCK 80 tires, while the F800GS’ tires were Michelin Anakee II. 

triumph tiger 800 xcx vs bmw f800gs9

It had to be a captivating place the battlefield where Triumph met the GS. We rode the Tiger and the F800 through the Carpathian mountain villages in Romania. Charming views, delightful curves and a fascinating place to put our tents. Watch our film in the window above and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more similar videos. 

Video: Ionuț Ivana

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