2017 BMW K1600GT Review – Our Film

2017 BMW K1600GT Review - Our Film 1

BMW K1600GT comes with an important update for 2017. A subtle fairing redesign that gives a fresh look and some aerodynamic improvements, standard auto-leveling dynamic ESA and.. a must have – the Reverse which is optional. There’s was also a quick shifter added as an option – and it worked brilliant and a whole array of luxury options that transform the straight-six machine into a ultra-comfortable touring machine. 

We tested the new K1600GT on the highway – where it has impressive stability even at 200 kph – on the curvy roads – where it’s very nimble for a 350 kg machine and even on bumpy roads, where the ride is still very comfortable. Of course, it’s not a very good idea to ride it in the city. 

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My final impression, after more than 700 km and a fabulous day? It’s not the features, the heated seat, the stereo or other luxury assets that impressed me the most. It’s the way it rides. The K1600GT might be heavy and muscular, but it’s an athlete on the open road.