2017 BMW S 1000 RR Long-Term Test – Unboxing

2017 BMW S 1000 RR Long-Term Test - Unboxing 1
If you asked me a couple of months ago what bike I’m going to ride next season, I would have said definitely a Honda or Yamaha. The perspective changed back in October. I got the chance to ride a race BMW S 1000 RR, and I was amazed by the potential this bike has. That moment I realised I'll buy one. 

That decision got me to the late February when I analysed all my options, studied the specifications sheets and took a shot. Then I called the BMW dealership and what do you know, to weeks later the bike was in the garage. It would have been faster if I were to choose the base model but I wanted a custom version.  Watch the unboxing video below and
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The base model had ABS, and DTC stock, but it's the optional list that will make you want more. I put all my saving in line for the ABS Pro, the Shift Assist, the semi-active suspension and, of course, the HP forged wheels. The latter because after a short run with the regular wheels bike, I got the impression of a hard to steer vehicle. The solution was there – the HP wheels were the answer. Now it turns as a 600 cc sportbike. And it also looks better.  Practically I bought myself a race ready bike. The auto-blipper, the traction control, the light wheels, riding modes, and much more were already there. The only missing parts are set of race fairings and a full racing exhaust. These ones should transfom it to a competition winner. Read More: Riding a TT Winning Bike at Jerez. What you don't see on TV BMW HP4 Race Carbon Fiber Superbike. A closer look

2017 Honda CBR1000RR Price Announced The moment I saw the box I wanted to break it to shreds. It’s better than getting presents for Christmas, trust me. The smell, the shine and the excitement brought up the child inside me. Now I’m still reading the service manual between every ride. I have to go limited for the first 1000 kilometres after that the party is on.  The more I ride it, the more I learn. You should have seen me discovering the Cruise control. I test it at least a hundred times. The part I loved the most is the Gear Shift Assistant Pro – this feature enables you to work your way up and down trough the gearbox without using the clutch. It's a very cool option for the street but it will show its value on track. I have to finish the first 1000 kilometers. After that I can unlock the S1000RR to its full potential and come with a new report.