2017 Triumph Bonneville Bobber Review – Video

2017 Triumph Bonneville Bobber Review - Video 1

The custom market is growing fast and Triumph did an impressive job with the modern classics line. Derived from the Bonneville, you can choose between a cafe racer, a scrambler and now a bobber.

The new Bonneville Bobber is an impressive bike that manages to satisfy in every aspect. The clean retro modern looks make it a unique model. The beating heart of the Bobber is the 1200cc Bonneville engine tuned to fit the bobber design. Triumph is now closer to the much-desired custom bike leaving room for future changes and even offers over 200 parts for you to customise it.

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We tested the Bobber on curvy roads, and we were impressed. The bike is easy to steer, and the comfortable position will make you want to ride all day. Inside the city it feels very agile, but the wide drag handlebar makes filtering a bit harder. The only minus that we have spotted is the range. The small tank can only handle 9 litres [2.4 gallons] of gas, and the bike eats around 4.5litres/ 100km [52.26 mpg] mixed. You have to keep an eye on the dash every ride.

The feeling of freedom is accentuated while riding this bike. In my opinion, the Bobber is ideal for every custom enthusiast. The clean looks and the sound will attract the eyes every time you ride it.