2018 BMW S1000XR Review – Best Sport-Touring Motorcycle?

2018 BMW S1000XR Review - Best Sport-Touring Motorcycle? 1

When it was unveiled, a couple of years ago, the XR made a good impression. Huge power from the inline-four engine and GS-like riding position and comfort. Still, it had some issues – one of the noticed by everyone – it had some annoying vibes at about 100 km/h. Two years after the launch, BMW came up with an updated and tried to fix the problem. More than that, they added 5 horsepower, while the engine is now meeting the Euro 4 regulation. 

We took it out for a test ride on Transfagarasan – one of the most famous roads in Europe – probably the best road for this bike. You can watch the video in the window above or directly on our YouTube Channel.

Now, the XR is a sport-touring machine but you can definitely use it as a track day tool. And I’m not talking about using it to get to the track, you can actually ride it on circuit and pull some fast laps. The power figure is more than enough and the smooth delivery will help you put all the 165Hp at the rear wheel. The gear changes are incredibly fast with the help of the Shift Assist Pro that allows you to go trough the gearbox without using the clutch. The only thing you have to worry about is the quality of the tires.

The Dynamic ESA semi-active suspension softens up the bumps in the road and allows you to ride fast on twisties. The XR is more than a fair package that can be used all week including everyday rides to work and for weekend trips. You can do it as fast as you can possibly can or cruise like a an old man on the highways. After testing the BMW S1000XR choosing my next bike was easier.

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