2018 Honda CB650F Review

2018 Honda CB650F review 1

The Big Red is back in business with the Honda CB650F that features bolder looks, just a tiny bit more power, and a very tough mission. It has to stand against its twin-cylinder rivals that are currently selling like mad. 

There’s a more comfortable riding position, and the in-line-four cylinder engine makes it feel almost like a race bike. You can ride it hard or commute to work every day, but the fun factor is still at a low level. The CB comes with a more serious stance, and overall it feels like it's aimed at riders in their 40s. A lot of the Hornet spirit is revived on the new CB650F, but will this be enough to win some more fans?

We made a 300-mile trip to get to know the bike a bit better and here’s what we found out. You can watch it below or directly on our

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