2018 Yamaha Niken First Ride | Three-Wheeled Motorcycle Review

2018 Yamaha Niken First Ride | Three-wheeled Motorcycle Review 1

The Yamaha Niken is not just a concept anymore. The odd-looking three-wheeled motorcycle based on the MT-09 made it to the market. It must be pre-ordered online on the Yamaha website and it costs €15,000. 

Basically, this is an MT-09/FJ-09 with a different front-end and a longer swinging arm. Yamaha says it’s a sport-touring machine. And it’s sporty enough thanks to that inline-three cylinder CP3 engine made famous by the MT-09. However, now panniers and taller-windscreen yet for the touring part. 

We managed to ride it for a couple of hours on a curvy mountain road. Watch our first impressions in the video above. 

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