2018 Yamaha R1M Unboxing & Engine Start-Up | 200hp Sound

2018 Yamaha R1M Unboxing & Engine Start-up | 200hp Sound 1

Our Yamaha YZF-R1M test ride unit just arrived. And since it's not so easy to get one – you must pre-order it online and pay about €24,000 – the first thing we did when finding out it was shipped to the dealer was to get the camera and do the unboxing. 

What's new for 2018: an improved quickshifter that allows clutchless upshifting and downshifting. The electronic racing suspension (ERS) was revised for superior braking and acceleration as well as better cornering – and a new interface facilitates the selection of operating modes. More than that, the new engine control unit (ECU) also controls the QSS and the optimized lift-control system and allows for better acceleration. The redesigned decor of the fairing focuses on a lightweight carbon fiber structure.

What's next? Of course, we'll take it out for a ride and add some racing accessories to put it on the track.

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