2019 Mid-Size Scooter Shootout – the 300 Cc Traffic Killers

2019 Mid-Size Scooter Shootout - the 300 cc Traffic Killers 1

We put together the most wanted maxi-scooters in the market to find out which one is the best. We picked different tasks for them: highway comfort, curvy roads, city handling, storage space and price. 

Why 300 cc (more or less)? Because the 125 cc class is just too slow and made exclusively for city use, and the 500-600 cc scooters are just too big and expensive. A 300-350 cc scooter sits somewhere between them – you can hit 120 km/h, while it’s still nimble enough for the city traffic. 

The competitors: Yamaha X-Max 300 – a classic in the segment, the new Vespa GTS 300 HPE (the most powerful Vespa ever produced), the BMW C400GT (BMW’s first mid-weight maxi-scooter), Piaggio Beverly (big wheels, good price) and Sym Cruisym – a superstar in Asia.

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