Adventure Travel in Cappadocia [Turkey] on BMW R1200GS

Adventure Travel in Cappadocia [Turkey] on BMW R1200GS 1

A fantastic place, with a fascinating culture, fairytale chimneys and an unique history.

The second episode of our Great Caucasus Adventure starts in northeastern Turkey. After visiting Georgia, our next destination was Cappadocia. A wise man said that all that matters in motorcycling is the road, not the destinations. So we picked a road to remember: D915. 

Most people chose to live their lives driving a car, going to the shopping mall, and booking some all-inclusive holidays. It’s not something wrong. It’s just a matter of choice. We had to choose between an express road that could take us safely to Cappadocia, our main destination in Turkey. But we chose the D915 mountain gravel road. 

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Watch the Epic Travel To the Caucasus on BMW R1200GS 

P.S. This is how our "dangerous road" looks when the sky is clear:

bayburt 2




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