Best Commuter Motorcycles for 2018

Best commuter motorcycles for 2018 1

These bikes might be the most efficient and reasonably priced vehicles for everyday use

The perfect vehicle for daily riding in and outside the city has to be a motorcycle. To qualify for this job it has to be reasonably priced, comfortable, offer good fuel efficiency, and be nimble enough to get you out from traffic jams. We’ve made a list of five motorcycles that fit the description, all of them produced in 2018. Here’s what we came up with.

Update: Here are our top picks for 2020 

Kawasaki Z650

The basis for this bike is the much appreciated Kawasaki ER6-N that proved to be a very reliable and versatile bike. It features a parallel-twin engine that produces a lot of usable torque down in the rev range, which comes in very handy in the city. The upright, relaxed position is complemented by a wide turning angle and a large handlebar that offers a huge advantage when filtering. The Z650 can handle some touring, featuring low-fuel consumption and the ability to carry a bit of luggage. At $7,399 (ABS model) this bike is a total bargain for a middle-weight naked that inherits the looks and attitude of the Z900.


Husqvarna Vitpilen 401

The Vitpilen is Husqvarna’s modern take on a cafe racer that was released this year. The engine is borrowed from the KTM 390, and it packs enough punch to make you feel like riding on the back of a rocket. The lightweight frame and the low seat heat makes it a 'flickable' and easy to ride machine while the looks will turn all the heads around you. With a price tag of $6,299 commuting in style was never so accessible.


Ducati Monster 821

The famous Monster was refreshed for 2018, and now it features new looks and a Euro 4 engine. One thing everybody remembers the Monster for is the sharp handling and very good brakes. The tradition keeps on with the new 821 water cooled engine. The bike packs all the latest electronics like ABS, Traction control, Ride-by-Wire throttle and optionally you can add a quick-shifter. The new mid-sized Monster is a pleasure to ride both on the curvy roads and in the city.  If you are a guy that want’s a fair package the Monster 821 starts from $11,995.

ducati monster 821 ducati yellow.png


This small displacement BMW offers a huge advantage when it comes to everyday commuting. It's affordable, and it features adventure abilities. This means you can ride it to work every day, and when the traffic becomes unbearable, you can take the sidewalk or the unpaved side road without any emotions. The bike is a great all-rounder that has a relaxed riding position, and it almost runs on fuel vapours. The G310 sells for $5,695 including ABS.

bmw g310 1

Piaggio Vespa GTS 300

The GTS is an augmented version of the classic Vespa that keeps the exact lines while delivering a lot more power and stability. There’s nothing like the iconic Vespa when it comes to riding in style. This scooter is well known worldwide, and almost everybody had it on a wish list at some point. The GTS is fitted with a 300cc engine that’s the most powerful in the Vespa line-up, and it features all the latest electronics like ABS and Traction Control. A scooter is always ideal for the city, and a larger displacement like the GTS 300 can also handle a bit of highway and commuting. The price for the big Vespa is $6,799.

GTS 300 E4 ABS MY18 1 1

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