BLUE MEANIE - SEBSPEED's 1996 Honda VFR750 1

“Seb’s bike is so badass it’ll make you slap yo momma!!!”

As I promised in the previous articles about streetfighter bikes, the saga continues. Today I'm going to exploit this area a bit more because the streetfighter phenomenon truly deserves it. 

I'm going to present a bike that won the “2015 Fighter Of The Year” title, a motorcycle which has impressed me in so many ways. It's very hard to take a bike one step further than factory engineers and create a better bike in both form and function. That is the case of this custom fighter RC36 built by Sebastian Seebacher a.k.a "SEBSPEED" from CustomFighters forum.

Honda VFR 750 RC36 StreetFighter (21)

This particular model haunted my dreams for many years. The emblematic growl produced by the bullet-proof 750cc V4 gear driven engine, the removable subframe, aluminum frame, and the single-sided swingarm are what gave this bike the perfect project title.

This majestic project started as a spare engine and wiring harness only. The outstanding configuration was not the direct result of joining some parts and then 'calling it a day.' As you may realize, the bike went through a couple of iterations to get there: different sub-frames, tail cowls, and handlebars until everything molded together as a single unit. This Viffer is not your typical streetfighter. It doesn't have a predator mask or spiky bolts. Instead of these, it has elegance. 

As I’m sure you’ve already noticed, the level of detail on this bike is stunning. The old-fashioned bulky design of the '96 VFR is now replaced by the modern lines. Judged by shape alone, an untrained eye may see it as a factory-made premium naked bike.

Honda VFR 750 RC36 StreetFighter (22)

The only way to recognize this bike is to listen to its emblematic sound. Everything else is changed. The front suspension was improved by replacing the bone-stock RWU fork with an USD fork sourced from a 2007 CBR 100RR to improve handling and increase braking power. The fuel tank was changed with one from a 1992 VFR 750F because of the latter’s more attractive styling. As you would expect, to make it fit, some power tools were involved. The subframe and tail unit are from a 2008 HONDA CBR 1000RR, and the headlight is from a KTM. The carbon fiber trims, accents, and pretty much everything else is custom made.

Here is the COMPLETE list of mods, according to Sebastian: 

ENGINE – standard internals, soda blasted/primed/ceramic painted, de-snorkeled, K&N air filter, UNI crankcase breathers, GSXR stick coils on rear head, Two Brothers 4-2-1 full stainless header with modified CRF250F end can and custom link pipe, SebspeedCustoms (owner) windowed clutch cover, Factory Pro jet kit, modified and relocated OEM oil cooler, full SAMCO hose kit, Core Moto ss clutch line, 1-off carbon rad covers, stainless fasteners

FRAME – 1996 VFR750F, bead blasted and painted gloss black, 1-off adapters to fit painted 2008 CBR1000RR subframe, SpeedKing rear sets on 1-off adapters with 1-off carbon heel guards, modified CRF450 rear master with VFR internals, Vortex frame sliders

Honda VFR 750 RC36 StreetFighter (24)

REAR END – powder coated stock swingarm, lightened rotor, DID Gold X-ring chain, +2 sprocket, Core Moto ss brake line and speed sensor cable run through the swing arm, Wilbers 641 shock re-valved & re-sprung, 98 VFR800 rear wheel, eccentric flipped plus shock shimmed to correct rake & trail. 1-off parts: carbon chain guard, carbon hugger, brake torque arm, wheel plug, hub slider

BODYWORK – 08 CBR600RR front fender, 92 VFR750F gas tank modified to fit 96 frame, keyless gas cap, 08 CBR1000RR tail & solo cowl, seat pan modified to match tank & reupholstered by Travis Bowen, 1-off carbon side panels, knee pads, bump pad, carbon accent on solo cowl, cowl release, aluminum sheet undertray

Honda VFR 750 RC36 StreetFighter (12)

ELECTRICS – heavily modified VFR loom. KTM headlight housed in 1-off aluminum housing and modified to fit digital hi/lo HID kit & LED running light, Shock racing led front signal, LED strip rear signals, KOSO DB-02R gauge w/ dash, MOTY 8-cell LiFePo battery, keyless RFID ignition, Powerlet socket in tail

FRONT END – 2007 CBR1000RR “NOHLINS” forks painted by owner using HOK Pagan Gold candy and Orion silver, re-valved, re-sprung, and internally lengthened by owner, RC51 SP2 wheel, CBR1000RR rotors and calipers, 1-off sliders, BFT lower triple, CB1000R upper triple, Driven Meteor Fatbar, VFR800 and RC51 switch controls, choke relocated to lower frame, HRC 1/5 turn throttle tube, early Fireblade grips, Brembo forged 19×18 brake master, Brembo billet 16×18 clutch master, ATE Typ200 fluid throughout

When you get a bit of spare time, instead of reading something fancy schmancy and bragging on Facebook about it, better check SEBSPEED's build thread on CustomFighters.

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