BMW HP4 Race Unboxing and First Start – Video

BMW HP4 Race unboxing and first start - Video 1
The BMW HP4 Race is one of the most exotic superbikes of the moment. It features a lightweight carbon fiber frame and wheels and top spec parts. Only 750 BMW HP4 will be made and are already sold out. The price tag stands at $78.000 ( 80000€ ). We got to opportunity to unbox a unit and fire it up. We brought our gear and went to the local BMW dealer to see the wonder. A few photos were out of the discussion, so we’ve made a video that you can watch below or directly on our
“>YouTube channel.
Every BMW HP4 Race is hand-made, and you can see the craftsmanship that stands behind that carbon fiber frame. The paint job is flawless just like the welds on the $10.000 Suter swing arm. The suspension and the braking system are the ones used in the World Superbike Championship. The engine is far from stock. BMW modified the powerplant to produce a peak power of 220 Hp at the wheel.  The BMW HP4 Race is the kind of bike you buy to expand your collection. Everything seems to blend perfectly on this machine. Fortunately, one of our colleagues had the chance to ride an HP4 Race a few months ago at the Estoril launch.  Here's the full review: BMW HP4 Race Test: Black Magic Beemer