BMW R1250GS Adventure in Patagonia – a Journey to the End of the World

BMW R1250GS Adventure in Patagonia - A Journey to the End of the World 1

The Call. It all started a couple of years ago. Patagonia sounded like a magic word to me, describing gigantic mountains, lakes and rivers, coupled with a huge emptiness. It’s probably Jules Verne’s “In search of Castaways”, a book I read back in my childhood, that gave me this impression. Somehow, I knew that I have to see this place. 

The Ride. I picked a BMW R1250GS Adventure for this trip. Just like the “Duncan” yacht, in Jules Verne’s story, this bike is comfortable, fast, good enough for rough surfaces and unpaved mountain roads. And it looks spectacular. As for the sound? I just love the roar of the new boxer. 

The Trip. I got on my bike in San Antonio, a large harbor in Chile, at the Pacific Coast. From there, I went south thorough Araucania, then passed to Argenina’s Ruta de Siete Lagos. After this spectacular tour in Argentina, I got back in Chile for the Ruta 7 – Carretera Austral, one of the best roads to explore on a motorcycle. The story continues through the Chilean fjords, then goes to Torres del Paine and Perito Moreno, Patagonia’s highlights. 

The Film. It was just published on our YouTube channel, and we’re inviting you to subscribe and get in touch with us. Now sit down, relax and watch the story. 

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