Ducati F1R – the Italian Rebel

Ducati F1R – the Italian rebel 1

If you think one cannot improve a Ducati, think again

Until a few days ago I had never heard about Rebellion of the Machines. I recall seeing one of their motorcycles (the CB750) on the web in the past, but it wasn't associated with any name.

Adolfo Calles with brothers Raúl and Jose Perez started Rebellion of the Machines back in 2015 and marked the moment by modifying a Honda CB750 which went on to become a limited series of five units. Regarding background experience, we can assure you they have plenty of it. Adolfo has been running his Madrid-based shop called Bonneville since 1995. As for Raúl and Jose, they are highly skilled mechanical engineers, well known for their racing frames, electric bikes, and for being part of the team behind Bultaco’s latest electric vehicle.

Ducati F1R 2

Back to the present now. While getting my daily dose of visual satisfaction surfing through a sea of custom motorcycle projects on the internet, I stumbled upon a design that shattered the silence of my thoughts. Clean lines, a retro design that reminds me of the endurance racers of the 1980s, layers of gunmetal grey, forged Marchesini wheels, and a Ducati engine — in my opinion, all the right ingredients for a build that can suit any motorcycle enthusiast.

Before carrying on with the article, let's make one thing clear: the bike you see is not a real F1, which is a unicorn among motorcycles. The actual base of this project comes in the form of a 1993 M900 Monster with a fresh custom classy outfit.

A few words now about the mechanical side of this project. The bike went through a full overhaul process. In standard shape, the Trellis Monster frame is a masterpiece of engineering and an icon as far as the design is concerned. Furthermore, it received a new titanium-silver paint coat, which went along well with the theme of the bike.

Check out this Ducati Monster

The Desmodromic L-Twin was completely rebuilt as well, with the old flaking paint removed and a new matte black paint applied to the engine casings to match the color scheme on the fairings. Furthermore, to improve the breathing capacity of the 904-cc L-twin power plant and bring a smile on the rider’s face, a K&N panel filter was added to the mix of premium parts.


The resulting gas of each iron-pumping motion of the Ducati pistons is depleted through matte black, ceramic coated exhaust headers silenced by the brushed-look exhaust cans. Along with the traditional Ducati dry open clutch, this bike doesn’t create noise, but music for the ears of listeners. And I'm pretty sure even deaf people can hear it.


Stopping power is ensured by Brembo calipers and massive wavy brake rotors. What about the flickability and stability of the bike? Say no more! The inverted fork for the front end and an Öhlins rear shock ensure you'll hit the apex properly every single time.


As the photos reveal, the custom-made fuel tank completes the minimalist design that characterizes the entire project.

This build is the perfect example that a custom motorcycle doesn't necessarily need to have a crazy paint scheme or chromed parts to draw attention — the dark-shaded color scheme brings elegance to the project.

Speaking of minimalist design, the instrument cluster was replaced with a tiny Motogadget Motoscope Mini and, to keep the clean lines, Motogadget handlebar-mounted turn signals were used instead of fairing-mounted turn signals.

3217025 2

One thing that gets me excited about any custom project is the attention to details, and this bike definitely had plenty of attention invested. The carbon fiber front and rear fenders, along with the fully adjustable Ducabike clip-on handlebars and rear sets, send a “tuck-in-and-roll-the-throttle” racing vibe.

F1R 1

It gets better: the folks from Rebellion of the Machines offer a lifetime warranty when it comes to 
their work. In their own words, ”it’s not that we are arrogant but we believe one has to be proud and sure of their work”. Couldn't agree more!

P.S. Don't forget to have a look on Rebellion's website. You'll enjoy it!


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