Five Bad Aftermarket Ideas for Your Motorcycle

Five Bad Aftermarket Ideas For Your Motorcycle 1

They might look good on your ride, but you won’t be safe

Motorcycle improvements are like a much-wanted fur coat, but not every time the fur is authentic. Having a replica is not a big downside, but if it puts your life in danger, you should think twice . Take a look at our list of things you must not replace with aftermarket ones.

Handlebar weights

The motorcycle handlebars come fitted with metal bar ends. Now you need to know they have an important job and it's not just a design thing. The job is rather very important because the weights are meant to absorb the engine vibrations at high revolutions and to act as a crash pad when you fall. They have a certain weight, and in many cases, they also have a rubber cushion. When they are replaced with aftermarket ones, the balance is broken. The vibration damping no longer takes place. The aftermarket bar weights are mainly made out of aluminium, so they don’t have the weight needed. Their only purpose is to look good.

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Chinese levers

The levers are the first to bend or break in case of falling. The market offers many options for this area, from foldable levers to short ones that won’t come in contact with the asphalt. But these ones cost at least $250 a pair. Let's get back to the Chinese levers. Before buying a pair for $50, you should learn that these nice looking levers may put your life in danger. Imagine that you'll pull hard the brake lever and they'll crack. The Chinese levers are made of a low-grade aluminium, and they also have fitment problems. Stay away from them.

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Aftermarket grips

Motorcycle grips are rubber made, and they don’t last forever. They become sticky or start to roll on the handlebar. It's a very annoying feeling and it goes away only when replacing the grip. When you search for new ones try to find the OEM models otherwise you will end up with some cool-looking but soft grips. The problem appears when your throttle won’t return quick or will remain stuck on the way. Make sure that your new grips are working properly to avoid some unpleasant surprises.


Cheap windshield

The windshield suffers a lot because of the debris and insects, and from a glossy finish will end up opaque. A cheap windshield can distort the imagine because of the low-quality construction. You should go for the ones produced by known companies like Puig or Zero Gravity, it worths the extra $30.

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Aftermarket turning lights

The turning lights are meant to keep you safe in traffic. Don’t try to remove them or replace them with the slimmer LED ones. We all hate that even the new bikes have big and ugly turn lights, but they are like that for a purpose, not only to blend in the design. They must be visible in the broad day. Contrary, the small LED ones are not visible in  the daytime. Make sure to check if the new ones have all the certifications on them otherwise they might interact with legislation.

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Don’t get fooled by the internet discounts – a good motorcycle part won’t go with a discount bigger than 20%. Try to consider safety matters every time you want to buy something new for your beloved bike.

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  1. I don’t know where you get the idea that LED lights are not visible in daylight. My LED lights are much brighter than the old incandescent ones and they even initiate quicker. Not that I really think that’s an issue.

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