Five Breathtaking Roads in the Balkans

Five Breathtaking Roads in the Balkans 1

Planning your summer trip? Take a look at these fabulous routes in the Balkans before choosing your next destination.

The Balkans. South-Eastern Europe. Surrounded by the sea, filled with passion, mountains, and pine woods perfume. This amazing region offers some of the most beautiful motorcycle routes in Europe.

We asked the guys at RideinRomania – a company specialized in organizing and operating motorcycle tours in Eastern Europe – for the best motorcycle routes in the Balkans. Here’s the list. 

Sarande (Albania) – Vlore (Albania) Coast Road [SH8]

You got a 70 km windy road with the Ionian Sea on your left side and the mountains on your right.  The Butrint ancient city (UNESCO World Heritage Site) is nearby.

vlora naten

traseul1 7

Vladimir (Montenego) – Budva (Montenegro) [P16 & M2]

If you want a traffic-free road, this is it. The route starts from Vladimir – a village in Montenegro – and it features a quite narrow part at the beginning. After passing some mountain villages, it reaches the Skadar lake pictured below. 


Then it is connected to the M2 – a curvy road that passes the mountains and reaches the Adriatic coast. You got 70 km of fresh Mediterranean breeze and a superb view over the Adriatic from the top of the mountain. 

Zlatibor (Serbia) – Visegrad (Bosnia Herzegovina) – Pivsko Lake (Montenegro) – Zabljak National Park (Montenegro) [E761 – M5 – M18 – E762 – P14]

This is a 220 hair-pinned road that passes the mountains and stretches to three different countries: Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Montenegro. 

Pivsko Lake   Panoramio

The road meets the Pivsko Lake shore then it reaches the famous Durmitor National Park through a very narrow section that features a lot of tunnels. 


The Bosnia – Montenegro border pass consists of a wooden bridge over the Tara River. 

Nearby tourist attraction: Mehmed Pasa Sokolovic Bridge – UNESCO World Heritage. 


Cetinje (Montenegro) – Kotor (Montenegro) [P1]

This is Montenegro’s Stelvio Pass – a real challenge for every biker. There’s no straight line longer than 1 km. It starts from Cetinje – the Old Royal Capital of Montenegro, passes the Lovcen National Park and stops at the Kotor bay. 

Lovcen National Park   TravelToMontenegrocom

At the end of the road, you got a fabulous panoramic view over the Kotor Bay. Picture it in the sunset. 

Bay of Kotor   Thousand

Sarajevo (Bosnia & Herzegovina) – Zvornik (Bosnia & Herzegovina) [M19]

This is another traffic-free road in the Balkans. Moreover, it has a delightful tarmac so you can set your bike to “sport mode” and start having fun. You ride alongside the Drina River, which marks the natural border Between Serbia & Bosnia. 

House in the Middle of Drina River

Main photo: Durmitor National Park – Julien Duval

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