Five Motorcycle Phone Mounts You Should Know About

Five motorcycle phone mounts you should know about 1

The easiest way to use your phone while riding

One of the most helpful motorcycle gadgets ever invented is the phone or GPS mount. These devices come in different shapes and sizes, but not all of them are up for the job. Considering the latest smartphones are waterproof, we’ve searched the internet for the most common choices and came down to five brands. Here’s our list:

RAM Mount Tough Claw X-Grip Mount

The RAM Mount mounting options are considered by many the best choice on the market. The main characteristics of the RAM Mount System are versatility and reliability. The mount can suit a phone or even a tablet allowing you to rotate it 360 degrees. The X-grip holder features four legs and an expanding rubber mounting system for a tight fitment. We’ve tested the mount in various conditions from asphalt to enduro and, the system never failed. You have to check at first if the rubber mount goes along if your phone’s dimensions otherwise you will end up tearing it apart if you are using it with a large display phone. The Ram Mounts Tough Claw X-Grip goes for around $60 to $100 and, the company offers a lot of fittings and solutions so it can go with any type of motorcycle.

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Interphone Moto Crab universal phone holder

The Interphone Moto Crab holder looks very slim and, it will fit easily on any type of naked bike. It suits best the traditional handlebars, but folks at Interphone offer a few solutions for different bike models. The phone holding system is a bit more gentle than the RAM Mount but to ensure a tight fitment, it comes with a silicone strap. The Interphone phone holder will handle the highway but stay away from trails or bumpy roads. The plastic handlebar holder doesn't seem to be that strong. The Moto Crab is more inclined towards commuters, but for $30 it worths a chance.


Kuryakyn Tech Connect Device Handlebar Mount

As the name says, the Kuryakyn mount will go along with any type of handlebar. The designed is biased towards cruisers and motorcycles with a classic handlebar. The mount features tight fitment adjusters and a swivel head for precise positioning. The entire system looks pretty robust and, it sells for $53.


TechMount Tech Griper Handlebar Mount Kit

The Tech Mount holders look just like your regular car phone holder. The system is pretty simple and it features a rotating head. The Tech Gripper can be fitted only on round handlebars, but the company offers solutions for every type of bike. Although it seems unreliable, the Tech Mount Holder is up for the job. For around $60 you can buy yourself a kit.


The Made in China mount

The internet is filled with China made motorcycle gadgets, and one of the most common is the motorcycle mount. If you hate your cell phone, you can buy yourself one. These mounts are usually made out of cheap materials, and they are likely to crack. The system features a plastic casing, and the manufacturer swears it's waterproof, but your phone will be submerged inside it. The touch will not work, and it will get on your nerves after a week or two. The price for made in China mount is around 20$, but we don’t recommend it.

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