Five Must Have Touring Add-Ons

Five Must Have Touring Add-ons 1

These will raise your touring appetite no matter the season

A set of wheels and a rain coat mood are the only things you need to start your next adventure.
But your bike deserves a bit of special attention. Long trips will seem a walk in the park the moment your bike is equipped with all the touring essentials. The list we’ve cobbled together will make you ride day and night.

Sena Intercom
The lovely part about touring is the connection you have with the road. Your senses get delighted, and memories gather in even more detail. Intercom helps you share the details with the passenger or the others riding along. It's easy to mount, can be paired with your phone and works at over half a mile distance. The distances will be covered easier while listening to your favourite music or having a conversation. The system is rechargeable, and you can find one online for less than $300.

Sena SMH5 01 500x500

RAM Mount

Maps are a bit outdated, but a smartphone can easily take the place of GPS. The RAM Mount is the device you are looking for regardless if you use it for phone or GPS. The mount is easy to fit, and it can be adjusted to fit various dimension electronics. The extra elastic strap ensures a tight fitment and decreases the chances of losing your device. The price for a Ram Mount is under $50, and you can buy the one that fits you the best.


Heated grips

Riding with frozen fingers is a fun killer. Cold wind or rain can put you on halt for a couple of days but not if you have heated grips. The cold gets bearable, and with the right gloves, you can go even to the North Pole. The price for a pair of grips is under $200. They are plug and play, but we recommend you see an electrician for this job.


Extra lights

Personally, I hate riding when it’s dark outside I always have the feelings the headlights are not emitting enough light. I’ve tried a bike with auxiliary lights, and I must say I was amazed by the change. A pair of auxiliary lights cost around $400 but they are worth every cent. The give a lot of extra light at night, and they can be switched on for daytime running also. This way you are more visible in traffic.


Tank bag

A large backpack can handle almost everything you need but when it comes to searching for things inside it is a pain in the ass. Picture yourself searching for your papers at a border crossing. The solution is a tank bag which comes with a simple mounting system or just magnets. You can store all the useful stuff inside and reach it easily. The price stands at around $150, but you won’t go on another trip without it.


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