Five Reasons to Own a Café Racer

What’s cooler than owning a motorcycle? Owning a café racer!

Café racers have a well-defined spot in the very diverse world of motorcycles. In this article, we will give you several reasons why you should own one.

#1 You get to know what you ride 
If you choose to build a café racer instead of buying one, you will start with a bone stock bike and, while modifying it, you will get to know each frame weld, electrical connection, and fix every faulty part. Not to mention that when someone will ask you where did you buy it from you’ll be able to proudly reply: “I’ve built it.”

Triumph Cafe Racer Ace Cafe

#2 A café racer is a great investment 
A café racer is one of the few types of bikes that can be considered an investment. Compared to factory bikes, custom motorcycles don’t decrease in value. Sometimes, bike manufacturers release factory-built café racers in limited editions. Those bikes are getting a high resale value.

Triumph Cafe Racer

#3 It is a timeless machine
A café racer doesn’t get old. It is like a tailor-made suit. Take for example today’s crotch rockets. The more technologically advanced they are, the more fragile they become. Furthermore, the shape of modern bikes goes out of fashion with each new generation. A café racer is a motorcycle that resembles the golden era of Grand Prix bikes from the early ‘60s: you simply cannot compete with that.

Triumph Cafe Racer Blue

#4 You get the best riding experience
Most fans of café racers will say that modern factory-made bikes lack “soul.” A modern bike will not ignite that flame inside of you the way a café racer does when you kick start it and the twin-cylinder engine rumbles under the tank. I’m not saying that modern bikes are not good — they are reliable and created for a specific purpose, but a café racer is more than that. It’s a motorcycle that gets into your soul and bonds with you with every revolution of the crankshaft.

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#5 You will have a unique bike
In a world of race replicas and mass-produced plastic motorcycles, it is hard to have a one-of-a-kind bike. Most riders add aftermarket parts on their motorcycles to make them unique, but adding bolt-on aftermarket parts simply isn’t enough. A café racer stands out in a world of clones and you can design it to suit your personality. After all, what’s more important than keeping your identity and staying original in a world of replicas?

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