Five Things We Love About Naked Bikes

Five things we love about Naked Bikes 1

They are sexy. They will never get old. They’re a piece of history.

You’d like to admire a naked woman on the beach under the sunrise sun, wouldn’t you? Or how about having her in your garage? Well, it’s almost the same thing with bikes. 

They’re sexy. What you get is what you see

The engine. The suspensions. The fuel tank. Everything is in your sight. Each and every shape that creates the machine meant to fulfill our dreams. It’s purity, without plastic cover, without cheap stickers. 

Imagine a sexy woman with no clothes, no make-up, nothing to spoil its natural beauty. Imagine Botticelli’s Birth of Venus. It's about essence.

Naked motorcycle1

A naked bike will never get old

The naked motorcycles will be forever beautiful and never get old. They don’t have plastics that might lose their color or look unfashioned. Let’s look at a '90s Ducati Monster. It still looks cool. Now let’s have a look at a 1995 Kawasaki Ninja. Would you still ride one of those on the street?

Naked motorcycle17

They’re nimble 

With a smaller fuel tank and no fairings, they have less weight than the faired-bikes. They also come with a shorter wheelbase. This is what makes them incredibly fun and easy to ride in the city and around mountain hairpins. 

Naked motorcycle9

You’re a part of nature

Some bikers want fairings, a high windscreen and a lot of gadgets. But other ones want nothing between them and the fresh air in the spring. When you’re riding a roadster after riding a touring bike is just like when you’re riding a touring bike after riding a car. You got that biker smile on your face, and you don’t know why. Trust the wind!

Naked motorcycle10

They’re easy to custom

If you want to start a custom project, you should begin with a naked motorcycle. The BMW Boxer, the Triumph Bonneville, the Honda CB Series – all the customizable bikes are naked. Here are six easy to custom motorcycles that will give you a life project. 

Naked motorcycle13

They’re a piece of history

Ever since Daimer&Maybach presented their 1885 Petroleum Reitwagen, the bikes are based on the same principles. Two wheels, a frame, an engine, a seat and a handlebar. The fairings appeared later and were used mainly for racing. 

The first sport-touring full-faired motorcycle was presented in 1977 – BMW R100RS. 

Imagine what the famous man of the motorcycle history felt when they were riding their bikes. People like T.E. Lawrence, Marlon Brando, Bob Dylan, Steve McQueen, James Dean. Yes, you can get the same feeling just by getting on your bike and start riding.

Naked motorcycle8

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