Five Wife-Friendly Ballistic Motorcycles

They are fast as hell. And you can bring your wife too.

Having a passenger and some rheumatic disorder doesn’t kill the fun. Yeah, you have to sell your old supersport, but there are some bikes good enough for a weekend blast without getting a divorce form to fill out. 

KTM 1290 Adventure 

KTM puts the “Fun” in the adventure world. With 160 horsepower and a lot of electronic riding aids, the 1290 Adventure is a muscular beast ready to eat serious miles. I still remember my first contact with the 1290 Super Adventure - “This is faster than an adventure bike should be” -  I said to myself. 2017 KTM Adventure Range Prices Announced

BMW S1000XR 

I remember riding the S1000XR in the Alps and thinking that it’s one of the best motorcycles I ever tried. Superb handling, huge power, sharp steering, and comfort - a perfect choice for the weekend. That back seat didn’t seem very comfy, so I was surprised when my passenger told me that she feel good. My only inconvenient: the handlebar vibes. But BMW Motorrad announced that the problem is solved for the 2017 model. 

Ducati Multistrada 1200 

If there’s an S1000XR in our list, we can’t exclude the Multistrada, Ducati’s potent sport-adventure bike. Unlike the BMW it comes with a V-Twin character and a touch of Italian style. 

Suzuki GSX-R 1300 Hayabusa

The legendary Hayabusa turns 18 this year. Although it didn’t receive a proper update for some time and it feels old, the Busa is still a dream-bike for many riders - just thing about that intriguing 300 km/h speed limit. You can add a passenger backrest for a more comfortable ride, and there are a lot of aftermarket luggage options available. 

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Kawasaki ZX 14R / ZZR 1400

The Kawasaki ZZR 1400 was launched as a response to Suzuki’s Hayabusa. It features an impressive in-line four capable of 200 horsepower at 10.000 rpm. Fit some panniers, and you can spend your holiday aboard this rocket. It’s Euro 4 compliant, so we’ll see this muscular touring bike around for some years. 

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