Four Things You Need to Consider Before Popping Wheelies

Four Things You Need To Consider Before Popping Wheelies 1

Keep your eyes wide open and remember to do a quick check-up

Without any serious reason, we all love to lift the front wheel in the air. I don’t know about you, but my blood starts rushing even when I picture myself pulling a wheelie. Its probably the easiest way to crash, but a real adrenaline junkie will never stop showing up. Here new four life-saving aspects that nobody wants to share.

Cover the rear brake

No matter how you pull a wheelie, when you have lift off, the bike can easily roll over. Personally, I am afraid of doing wheelies with the help of the clutch, I rather do it by chopping the throttle. It's just a my personal taste. A thing is for sure – I always cover the rear brake with the right foot – this is the only safety net I have when I hit the gas too hard, or the nose gets too high. Keep in mind: always cover the rear, you might have a chance to save it.

Choose a safe spot

Try to have as much fun as you want but keep it as safe as possible. Unfortunately, when you pull a wheelie, you put yourself in danger and also the others around you. Do it on private spaces, for example: a track or at least on a lonely secondary road. Don’t start showing off in the city. If something goes wrong, it won’t be just you and your bike you also share the damage with other cars and even pedestrians. There’s always a chance for a police patrol to spot you and a fine will be yours. 


No passengers allowed

When you are running on the back wheel of your motorcycle, the chances of something bad to happen raise with 100%. Don’t take unnecessary risks. Leave your girlfriend on the sidewalk to take some cool photos. A wheelie with a passenger is like running trough a minefield. You can never trust the passenger reactions, is human to get scared.

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Check your frame from time to time

The bike suffers every time you land. The only holding point for your front wheel is the steering head. Built from high-grade steel, it can handle a lot, but the frame can easily crack. Around the fork connection point, the motorcycle frame comes welded. Now these welds are not always able to handle 100 wheelies a day. Make sure to check them for micro-fissures from time to time.



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