Frame Sliders vs Crash Bars

Frame sliders vs crash bars 1

The ups and downs of engine protections

When choosing motorcycle-related parts, there’s always a dilemma. The engine protections are not an easy pick, so you should research the matter a bit before buying. Choosing the best looking engine covers or frame sliders is not always the best option. Here’s a list of pros and cons of the most common protection systems on the market.

Frame sliders and engine covers

The crash pad’s job is to offer another point of contact in the event of a crash. Everybody thinks that a pair of frame sliders will keep the bike untouched in the eventuality of an accident. Ohh well, this happens in half of the situations and mainly if the slider is a quality made piece of gear specially designed for the bike. If the slider is a cheap Chinese replica, you will end up with the same amount of damage as without a slider. 


Often the slider can damage the frame or tear the mounting point if the bolt is too strong. So stay away from robust aluminium sliders that can do more damage than good. Try to find some crash protectors that feature multiple holding points or at least a larger mating surface on the frame.You should go for the injection moulded kits that feature high abrasion resistance. For example, the folks at GB Racing offer a slim set of sliders for around $50 to $180 that are meant to save the fairing from major damage. 

The combination of frame sliders and engine covers is the best choice. This way you will have extra chances of keeping the engine covers undamaged. There’s nothing more annoying than a scratched or cracked engine cover. Don’t go for the aluminium engine cover protection the shock may damage the crankcase. A pair of plastic guards will sell for around $200 but they worth every penny.


Crash bars

There’s always the rough solution that will look bad on most street bikes like the crash bars. If you get over adding up a little weight and ruining the looks, the crash bars are the answer. The material used for crash bars is usually steel, and the cool part about them is the multiple holding points. The price can vary depending on the bike type and manufacturer, but a set of crash bars will go for around $350 to $500.


Unfortunately this type of protection will leave some weak spots around the engine covers. For example, the BMW R1200GS must be fitted with a set of engine covers although it already has a set of crash bars. In the unwanted case of a crash, the bike can hit a bump on the road or the sidewalk, damaging the magnesium cylinder cover. 

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The best solution is to combine crash bars or frame sliders with a set of engine covers. Try to go for plastic engine covers if you own a street bike and stay away from cheap Chinese protections. For adventure bikes like the BMW R1200GS, you can go for the Touratech aluminium covers. Although they are pretty expensive $250, they will keep your engine safe. This way you will raise your bike's protection level to a hundred percent.

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