Great Caucasus Ride: The Extraterrestrial Shipwreck – Bulgaria [Ep. 4]

Great Caucasus Ride: The Extraterrestrial Shipwreck - Bulgaria [Ep. 4] 1

The fourth stop of our motorcycle adventure story: Bulgaria. We relaxed on the Black Sea shore then we visited one of the weirdest building in Eastern Europe.

If you plan to relax at the beach in this part of Europe, then Bulgaria is a good destination. After a bath, you can go to the mountains and visit a bizarre building: the Buzludzha Monument. 

The bikes: 2015 BMW R1200GS & 2016 BMW R1200GS Adventure
The riders: Cristian Predoi & Ionut Ivana

After the flood in Moldova, after the Great Caucasus roads in Georgia and after a magical sunset in Cappadocia, we reached Bulgaria: our last destination. There are some interesting places to visit in this country on your motorcycle. You got the seaside and the mountains, but up to a point they look just like other sea sides and mountains. If you want to see something unconventional, you must visit the Buzludzha Peak. 

You must swipe to a curvy road that takes you to the Shipka pass then you should get ready for the close encounter of the third kind meeting – the Buzludzha Monument. Located at a 1,441 meters altitude it was built by the Bulgarian communists in the 80s. It is no longer in use, and it looks like an extraterrestrial shipwreck. 

Bulgaria was the final point of our trip. We got home after three weeks and 8,500 km [5,288 miles]. In the end, there’s only a thing we regret: we didn’t have enough time to explore. There’s always this problem unless you’re a round-the-world traveler who spends five years of his life on the road. 

But we’re not round-the-world travelers. We’re just two journalists who left home for creating some movies. And we hope you enjoyed them. See you on our next adventure!

The trip was sponsored by KMG International – Romania, Moldova, Georgia, Turkey, and Bulgaria are the countries where KMG International developed activities in the past 14 years. Bulgaria was the last stop. 

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