Heated Gear: Five Must-Have Items From $100 to $1100

Heated Gear: five must-have items from $100 to $1100 1

Heated soles, socks, gloves and vests. You can heat up everything, from the gloves to the top-spec Rukka M-Clima cooling/warming Vest

The best heated thing? No, it's not the fireplace, some of us are so stubborn that they're also riding during winter. And the motorcycle gear market comes with nice solutions for those (very) cold days of riding. All you need is a good electrical system on your bike. And, eventually, some studs and some lateral skis. But let's get back to the gear for the moment. The items below are listed on Fc-moto, delivering almost anywhere on Earth. The links are part of an affiliated marketing programme so if buying something, you're supporting us. 

Macna Hotvest

When planning a ride in cold weather, nothing compares to a well-heated vest to keep your neck warm. Here is a good heated gear item from Macna, the Hotvest. It features a battery and when fully charged, the vest offers up to three hours of heat which comes in handy on a cold day of riding to your office. The heat level can be set by remote control and there are three spots of heating elements, two are found on the chest and one is on the back. The comfort level is good and you have the option to choose from four heat settings. Furthermore, the Macna Hotvest can fit beneath any motorcycle jacket which is a very practical aspect. It is made from polyester and Spandex and costs $100 on FC-MOTO. 

Heated Gear: five must-have items from $100 to $1100 9

Klan-e Heatable Soles

The Klan-e soles are the perfect partner to keep your feet warm. They come with rechargeable insoles with independent heating. One aspect we like about them is that you can adjust the heating power via remote control. Nonetheless, the Klan-e Heatable Soles are easily customizable by allowing to cut out the sole to match the size of the boots. They come with an integrated lithium-polymer battery with a power of 2 watts that can keep you warm for up to 6 hours, USB port and 2 sizes 35-40 and 41-47. They are available on FC-MOTO for about $130.

Heated Gear: five must-have items from $100 to $1100 10

Lenz set lithium pack 700 + 3.0 Heatable Socks

These heated socks have a battery attached to the leg band of the sock via press studs and the heating starts automatically upon attaching the press studs. One feature we like is that the heat keeps you warm for up to 4 hours and that the global charger has a charging display. The 2 lithium-ion batteries are rechargeable and there is an automatic On/Off switch. They are comfortable as well because they are ergonomically knitted. Lenz 3.0 Heatable Socks come in different sizes from 35-38 to 45-47 and you can find them on FC-MOTO for the price tag of $170.

Heated Gear: five must-have items from $100 to $1100 11

Ixon It-Aso Heatable Gloves

There is nothing better than some heatable gloves to keep your fingers nice and warm when the weather is cold. The Ixon gloves are featuring Clim8 technology, a smart solution that knows when and how to keep your hands warm, “smart heatable gloves” in other words if you work in IT. The French gloves have an intelligent sensor that makes sure your hands maintain a constant temperature no matter what weather conditions you chose to ride in. Ixon It-Aso Heatable Gloves come with internal waterproof cuff, silicon reinforcements for fingers, carbon knuckle protector on the backhand, Clim8 intelligent heating technology and many more interesting features. These gloves will set you back $ 350 and you can take a glance at them on FC-MOTO.

Heated Gear: five must-have items from $100 to $1100 12

Rukka M-Clima cooling/warming Vest

Ever thought of what the best option would be to keep your chest warm in freezing conditions? For sure Rukka thought about it and even came up with a solution in the form of Rukka M-Clima cooling/warming Vest. M-Clima enhances features like cooling and heating functions that come together with minimal weight and high breathability to ensure the rider only feels warm or cool while he's riding his bike in any given weather conditions. M-Clima is an electro-thermal technology that can change the temperature and humidity of the biker to create the perfect micro-climate. You can plug in the Vest into your motorcycle via the fan unit to charge the batteries and with a push of a button on the remote, you will turn on the Rukka M-Clima cooling/warming Vest. The battery can keep you cool or warm for up to 2 hours and it is nicely placed in a pocket. All these nice aspects come at a price, $1,100 to be more exact and you can see the vest on FC-MOTO.

Heated Gear: five must-have items from $100 to $1100 13

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