Here’s Our Must Have Adventure Kit

Here's Our Must Have Adventure Kit 1

Pack these in your roll-bag and you will be saved

Every year, we pack our stuff and we leave in [at least] an adventure journey. In fact, my adventuros colleagues do so, but I'm the mechanic of the team and that's why I am writing this article. But let's get back to the trips. It was Kazahstan [movie coming soon], the Caucasus, Morocco, and there is more to come. Considering my experience as a mechanic and my colleagues' experience as travellers, we came up with these things we reccomend you to put in your luggage. 

Locking zip wire

The zip wire might be one of the coolest inventions of all time. They are also called tire up because you tie things with them and come in different colours and sizes. The tire up is an essential tool, and even motorcycle manufacturers use it to tie the wire harness to the frame. Now, what other approval do we need? If it gets you out of trouble, it's enough. These little helpers will make sure to keep your bike in one piece.

locking zip wires

Duct tape

Everybody knows it from the childhood, is the one we used to put the toys back together. It comes with interesting properties, and it has the ability to fix things. It's water resistant, and it was first designed during World War II. If you make a quick eye inspection to any serious adventure bike, you will see what I am telling you. From fairings to windshield they are patched with duct tape to keep them together.

Duct tape

Tire Puncture Kit

You never know when it happens. If you're travelling with a tube-tire motorycle, you should have two spare inner tubes (a front and a rear). You may say that it won't happen to you, but when it happens you must find a solution. 

Basic Tools

To change a tire you should have at least your motorcycle's basic tools. We recommend you to carry a tool roll with the essential kit. You will choose the tools depending on your motorcycle type. 

Tool Roll

Camping gear

If you're leaving on a serious adventure, you should have your camping gear on your passenger's seat. We'll talk about the camping gear in a more detailed article. 



A head-lamp will be helpful in many situations. Fore example, if your motorcycle stops working. A head-lamp can't repair your motorcycle, but it can help you to reach the Vodka bottle (see below).

waterproof kit

Waterproof clothing

If you're traveling countries such as Morocco where it rains five times a year, maybe it's not necesary to have a waterproof suit. But for any other trip you must carry it. Your Gore-Tex suit won't protect you on a 300 km rainy day.

Dainese rainsuit

Orientation: GPS and Paper Map



You're trying to escape and it's ok to do that. But never leave home without a phone in your bag. That telephone could save your ass someday. 


You must use it only in the hardest situations. No, it’s not an additive for your engine, is soul fuel. The guys at the Ural taught us that their sidecar tool-kit come with a small bottle of vodka. If you manage to get your bike out of use and you can not repair it by yourself, you take a sip and wait nicely for help. When you are stranded in cold weather, and you need to warm up a bit, you also need to use to tool-kit. The badest situation is the one when you are cold, stranded and scared. In this case, you are in desperate need of your precious helper.

russian standar

Featured Photo: Michael Martin in one of his trips – Read More about Michael Martin's Career –

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