Honda Africa Twin Exhaust Guide – Make Your Africa “Braaap”

Honda Africa Twin Exhaust Guide - Make Your Africa "Braaap" 1

Improve your Honda Africa Twin’s sound & performance with a new exhaust. Here’s our list

Sportbike or Adventure, a bike should make its presence felt before even coming out of a corner. Besides that, think about how great it looks without that big and heavy factory pipe. The fight against emission regulations made the exhausts bigger, uglier and the bikes got power cut. So if thinking about tuning your Honda CRF1000L, first go for a complete exhaust line. Here are your best options:

Termignoni “Luigi Termignoni”

This line is probably the most exclusive exhaust you will find for your Africana. Specially designed by Termignoni Reparto Corse (Racing Department) features lightweight exotic materials like titanium and carbon fibre and carries Luigi Termignoni signature on it. Actually is all made in titanium and only 100 units are available. The price might be a little high – $3000, but your friends will envy you for sure. 

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This exhaust will add up at least four HP, increased torque and a high note sound. It's made out of stainless steel or titanium and it weights almost the same as the OEM, and you can have one for around $1400. 



The Okami line for the Africa Twin is meant to improve your bike's visual appearance. Besides that, the Remus full exhaust comes with a better response throughout the rpm range, a great sound and almost seven horses power gain. The asymmetric hexagonal looks will make it look like a superbike. The Okami is the cheapest and the full line costs a bit below $1000.

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The Japanese manufacturer keeps the company signature design for the Africa Twin. They call it Hepta Force and it can come with various covers, from titanium blue to matte black that can be fitted with different end caps. The headers are not available yet, and the muffler only costs around $900.



Although the company is out of business, you can still find the stainless steel LV One Evo muffler for less than $500. It comes fitted with a carbon end, and it has a fierce look, making it the cheapest muffler to fit on your CRF1000L. We're not sure about the look, though. 


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