KTM 790 Adventure in the Balkans. in-Depth Review

KTM 790 Adventure in the Balkans. In-Depth Review 1

FILM | A 3,000 km ride from Austria to Montenegro on some of the best motorcycling roads

It’s time for a new Adventure. The Star: KTM 790 Adventure. Not the R. The standard one. Since everybody’s pushing the limits and flying high over the sand dunes with the R, we had a different approach: a real-life adventure trip, with luggage.

So we took the 790 Adventure from the KTM factory in Austria and start riding South via Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, all the way to Bucharest. Our mission: to see how it’s like to ride the KTM 790 Adventure on a long trip, on various terrain, from the Austrian highway and Slovenian mountain roads to some technical sections on the Trans Euro Trail. And, of course, to discover new roads and to have fun.

After two weeks of riding and one week of editing, here’s the result. You can watch it below or directly on

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