Lazareth LM 847 – a Unique V8 Powered Motorcycle

Lazareth LM 847 - a unique V8 Powered Motorcycle 1

When building traditional motorbikes gets boring

Here on Drivemag Riders, you're going to find articles about some of the most outrageous motorcycles in the world.

Today's story is not an exception. I'm going to present you a vehicle that makes Batman jealous, and will answer the question 'Why?' with the answer 'Because we can!' – the Lazareth- LM 847.

 As you already might know, Lazareth is a French company that is specialized in preparing cars and motorbikes. Since 2005, Lazareth obtained the status of 'manufacturer' and began producing custom vehicles under the brand "Lazareth".
 According to them 'With imagination, creation has no limits. With imagination, creation will never be limited.' 
Lazareth – LM 847 is a bike that fits this quote from A to Z. 

Lazareth LM 847 (2)

What happens if you steal an engine from a Maserati and stick it into a sci-fi pendulum frame? – You get this piece of machinery. 

The power plant has the following specs: 32 valves, 4691 cc of raw brute power that promises 740 wild horses @ 7000 rpm and a torque of 620 Nm @ 4750 rpm. Enough to increase the Earth's rotation speed when you twist the wrist. This bike has only one speed, but it's enough to take you from 0 to 150 km/h in a matter of seconds. The power is transmitted to the 17" rear wheels via a torque converter and two transmission chains.

The braking power is ensured by a twin pair of Nissin 8-piston calipers that make a perfect match with two perimetric 420 mm brake rotors. 

Considering the gargantuan dimensions, odd 4-wheel design and the weight of the vehicle that tips the scale at 400 kg, a classic steering system wasn't fit for this project. 
The LM 847 is using an independent TFX suspension system on all four wheels. It was designed to allow the rider to countersteer and lean into turns like a tilting three-wheeler vehicle. The out-of-the-airbox broad bars are a hint as to how hard that front end is to steer.

Lazareth LM 847 (8)

The 1850mm wheelbase and the four 17" wheels are providing stability at high speeds. 

According to the company's website, the LM 847 is offered in a limited edition of ten copies and seven are still available. 
We don't know the price tag for this creation, but probably you need to go elbow deep into your pockets to have one in your garage.

Here is the full list of specs:

Engine: V8 4.7L Maserati 32 valves 
Displacement:  4691 cc displacement 
Exhaust:2 Stainless steel manifolds – 4 in 1

Hydraulic Coupler – 1 Speed Final Drive Chain

470 hp @ 7000 rpm 
Torque 620 Nm @ 4750 rpm

Front:  Double disc perimeter 420mm Nissin calipers 8 pistons
Rear: Double disc 255mm Brembo 4 pistons
Tires: Michelin Power Cup Evo

Length: 2650mm 
Width:  900mm 
Height: 1000mm 
Wheelbase: 1850mm 
Weight:  400kg

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