R1200GS on Ice and Snow. Not Your Ordinary Sunday Ride

R1200GS on Ice and Snow. Not your ordinary Sunday ride 1

VIDEO | Riding up a snowy forest track with a 260 KG Motorcycle

It was a blizzard forecast. At the end of March. So instead of riding our bikes, we should have stayed at the office, watching the news. No, it’s not our type. Let’s make the news! 

What do we need? A bike and some ice studs. Because the winter is still here. So, what bike? Everybody’s using enduro motorcycles because they are light and easy to handle. But it was the easy way. So we picked the heaviest adventure bike on Earth – our colleague’s 2016 R1200GS Adventure. And since we didn’t have enough time to order proper some proper ice studs, we went to the store and bought some ordinary bolts. Then, some drilling, some power-tape, some tubes and… watch the video! Majestic scenery included. 

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