R1200GS Windscreen & Horn Upgrade | Install & Review

R1200GS Windscreen & Horn Upgrade | Install & Review 1
Our R1200GS gets a comfort and safety upgrade. And when it comes to comfort, the weather protection is on the top of the list. The ideal choice for touring is a high-screen, tall enough to protect you and with a good shape to avoid wind buffeting. The guys at Hornig provided us with the ZTechnik windscreen to test it. We've compared its dimensions to the wider windshield that comes fitted on the BMW R1200GS Adventure and, the difference is still pretty big. Together with the windshield we also received an extra stabilizer kit that keeps the screen steady even at higher speeds.

And there’s one more thing. If you want to be noticed in the traffic, you could skip the “loud exhaust” thing because there’s another solution – a loud horn that wakes up even the most bored car driver. The Hornig Nautilus Stebel horn is the loudest horn you can fit on your bike. The kit includes all the wiring and mounting instructions to the smallest details so you can do it by yourself. It took us less than an hour but, the result was worth the time.

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