SCORCH 1993 GSX-R 1100 StreetFighter

SCORCH 1993 GSX-R 1100 StreetFighter 1

One-of-a-kind GSX-R 1100 Oil Boiler

In the following weeks, we will present you some of the most remarkable Custom Streetfighter motorcycles that were hand-built by some extraordinary people. The Streetfighter Saga continues!

When talking about building stuff or DIY projects, the motorcycle world has a lot to offer. Some of these unique creatures called motorcyclists are pretty skilled when handling a TIG welder, using a lathe, or programming a CNC. To admire the results of their hard work you just need to dig through tons of websites on the internet. Some of them will amaze you with their high levels of craftsmanship and attention to details.


The same goes for the folks on the CustomFighters forum. I remember joining this forum several years ago and being stunned by what I found. I was amazed by the huge number of custom builds, it was incredible! I was like the new kid on the block that finds hundreds of other friendly kids and a huge playground. On this forum, there are some custom builds that make the big brands feel modest as far as details and innovative solutions are concerned. 

Streetfighters – The Evil Inside

The first bike in this series is one that caught my attention when I landed on the forum, many years ago. This custom fighter is based on a 1993 GSX-R1100 M, and it was built by a member called  ScorchFrame. What is special about this bike is that it has a one-of-a-kind 38-mm round steel tube frame that was hand crafted. Think about the amount of knowledge and fabricating skills you need to possess to create a motorcycle frame from ground-up. The color picked for the frame was the KTM orange color. Along with the deep black used on the gas tank and tail cowl, it really makes this fighter stand out. Also, the mirror-polished swing arm, engine side covers, and exhaust headers add a cool bling factor to this project. It has that "Get the f*ck outta my way!" attitude every streetfighter should have.


Here is the list of the parts ScorchFrame used on this project:

Engine:    1993 Gsx-R1100 M
DynoJet Stage 3 Kit
Stainless Bowl Mouth Intakes With Mesh
Modified Stainless Devil Headers
Twin Silencers Under Seat Exhaust
Aftermarket Oil Cooler & Braided Hoses
CNC Machined Clutch Cylinder Alloy Bracket

Frame:  Custom 38mm Round Steel Tube Frame
Skateboard Wheels For Crash Bobbins
Under Seat Alloy Battery Box Unit

Front End: Stock GSX-R1100 USD Forks
Hard Chromed Inner Tubes
GSX-R1100 M Front Wheel And Brakes
One-Off Scorch Top Yoke And Raisers
Aftermarket Fat Mx Bars
Alloy Handlebar Ends
Fran Tubo Braided Brake Lines

Rear End: GSX-R1100 M Swing Arm, Wheel, Shock (rebuild) 
Brakes. (modified Torque Arm)
Fran Tubo Braided Brake Line

Bodywork: GSX-R1100 Front Mudguard
Honda CBR900 Fuel Tank
Fiberglass Ducati 916 Tail Piece (modified)
Honda CB400 Seat Pan (modified)

Electrics: GSX-R1100 M Electric Harness (heavily Modified)
GSX-R1100 Switchgear
Twin Bates Headlights
Honda VFR400 NC30 Tail Lights (modified)
GSX-R1100 Dial Clocks

Paint: Frame And Wheels Painted KTM Orange
Tank And Tail Unit Painted Deep Black
Engine Side Covers And Oil Pan Polished
Polished Alloy Frame Plugs

I recommend you guys to check this impressive build thread on

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