Seven Reasons You Should Ride in Morocco

Seven Reasons You Should Ride in Morocco 1
Why Morocco is one of the best countries to visit on your motorcycle. I just got back from a two-week ride in Morocco. Here is why you should get on your bike (or rent one) and spend your holiday in this beautiful country.  Various landscape It's a big country, so it’s not boring at all. You got the spectacular Atlas Mountains, the Sahara, and the Atlantic Ocean coast. You can ride trough a sandy and barren canyon for two hours, but then you’ll see a lively palm oasis.  morocco3.JPG Good roads It’s not Germany, but you got a proper infrastructure quality. Beware of the slippery surface in the North part of the country, and that’s it. There are some bumpy sections in some mountain passes [see the picture above], but nothing to worry about. I have a friend who managed to ride in Maroc with a K1600GTL.  morocco7.JPG morocco5.JPG Unlimited trails and off-road paths If you’re more adventurous and want some off-road fun, then you have a lot of unpaved roads and trails that pass the Atlas mountains. You can reach 3.000 meters easily. Be careful if you ride in the Eastern region of the Atlas. The unpaved trails might take you straight to a hasish (cannabis) culture and the “farmers” can get upset. Morocco produces a substantial part of the world’s hasish – second country in the world after Afghanistan – 70% of Europe’s hashish in 2003 came from Morocco.  morocco4 Sahara  Wanna feel like a Dakar rider? Grab an enduro, put the sand tires on and ride the dunes near Merzouga. Morocco is one of the gateways to Sahara – the largest hot desert in the world. You can get to Merzouga on any kind of motorcycle using street tires, but if you want more, you must swipe your bike for a camel. You can book a two-day tour which includes a desert tent accommodation and 4×4 rides across the Moroccan Sahara.  morocco8.JPG morocco 9 The Police is ok – if you're ok You might find dozens of police check-points and speed cameras along your way. There is a check-point at every entrance/exit to the city. But as long as you slow down so the police officers can see that you’re not a terrorist, it’s ok. Nobody will bother you.  Warm in the winter When it’s cold and rainy in the Northern Hemisphere, you can have a bath in the Atlantic on the Morocco Coast. It’s something like Southern California, although you can find different kinds of climates in Morocco: Mediterranean, Sub-Mediterranean, Continental, Alpine, and Semi-Arid, depending on the part of Morocco you’re visiting.  morocco 2 It rains rarely, and you should go in Morocco starting October. You’ll have around 24 C in the north (75 F) and 32 in the Sahara (89 F).  Culture Morocco is a country with a rich culture, civilization, and architecture. The official religion is Sunni Islam, and 99% of its inhabitants are Arab-Berber.  You can visit the oldest and largest Medina in the Maghreb Area, located in Fes and you can see the vibrant Marrakech with its famous Jemma el-Fnaa central square.  morocco12.JPG As for the food, remember the name “Tajine” – the most common Moroccan dish, made of meat and vegetables. It’s named after the pot in which it is cooked. You’re going to eat a lot of Tajine during your stay in the dry areas. As soon as you reach the Atlantic Coast try the fresh fish straight from the fish markets.  morocco 7 morocco1.JPG

Facts Gas price: 10,3 Moroccan Dirhams/litre [0,95 EUR/ 1.04 USD] Population: 33 million
Currency: Moroccan Dirham
Drives in the right
Government: Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy  morocco9.JPG

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