Streetfighters: The Evil Inside

Streetfighters: The Evil Inside 1

Or how to turn a factory bike into a head-turning bike.

According to the common knowledge, a streetfighter motorcycle is a sports bike that is customized by removing the factory fairings, headlights, instrument cluster, and making other changes that result in a significant weight loss, an overall aggressive stance, wallet holes, numb fingers and a vast number of beers drunk.

You might ask yourself, what kind of urge do people feel when they are modding a bike to become a streetfighter?  Well, most of the streetfighters you see on the streets are trashed or totaled bikes that are too expensive to fix with OEM parts. A streetfighter bike requires a particular type of rider. A kind of rider that gives no sh*t about the opinion of the bystanders regarding the style and aspect of his motorcycle. These awesome people are giving a second chance of life to the bikes that would eventually end in a metal crusher.

Building a real streetfighter doesn't resume to removed fairings and low priced e-bay headlight with the electrical harness hanging through the frame rails. Building a streetfighter requires passion, effort, knowledge, vision and money. What is the goal of a streetfighter and what is the recipe to create one you might ask yourselves? 

Streetfighter (4)

Well, the goal is to make a unique bike that is better than the factory version. Increase the power, decrease the weight, increase the braking power, make it handle better. Comfort is not an option. You don't ride a streetfighter for comfort. You are riding it for the thrill, handling, looks. Is it cheap to build a streetfighter? Well, owning a motorcycle is not cheap. Building a bike is more than owning one, so you can do the math.

Streetfighter (2)

How do I build one? Well, if you are a wrench monkey, it is not (that) hard. First of all, you need a base that fits the purpose. A supersport or a superbike should fit the bill. If you are getting one with the trashed fairings, you can get it at a low price. You need to focus on the engine, chassis, and suspension. Everything needs to be functional to reduce the total cost of the build. Ditch the parts that are not operative anymore and sell what you don't use so you can fund your build. Start buying the desired parts: aftermarket exhaust system, improve the brakes, suspension, lighter wheels, sticky rubbers. Remember that you need USD forks, don't leave the pogo-stick RWU suspension.

Change the original handlebars with superbike handlebars. Uh, not to forget! Depending on the depth of your pockets, you can increase the power of the engine by changing stock internals with performance parts. The last touch to have a custom streetfighter is to have a sick paint job. Make it stand out in a crowd of stock bikes!

NOTE: Important for one's safety! Don't tell your spouse about the total price of the build or how much you paid for the parts.

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