Suzuki GSX-R1000R vs BMW S1000RR Video Review

Suzuki GSX-R1000R vs BMW S1000RR video review 1

We took a top spec Suzuki GSX-R1000R and compared it with the benchmark in the segment, the BMW S1000RR. A day on track with these two performance machines was thrilling. We were amazed by the agility of the Suzuki and the immense power from the in-line four engines.

You can watch our video review below or on our

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The video was shot at MotorPark Romania racetrack.

The main goal was to find out if the new GSX-R stands up for the King of Superbikes title. To help us get to a conclusion we’ve put it against the BMW that made a name for itself and stood on the top shelf since it was launched back in 2009.

Sharing the MotoGP VVT ( Variable Valve Timing ) and a full set of modern electronics Suzuki is back in business with the new GSX-R1000R. The new gixxer is set to win back its fans with a whole new engine and frame.

The Japanese motorcycle manufacturer Suzuki was the most impacted by the recession. With no big changes since 2007, the GSX-R was left aside by the performance addict superbike market.