Ten Stupid Questions People Ask Motorcyclists

Ten Stupid Questions People Ask Motorcyclists 1

"What's the top speed?", "What do you do when it rains?" "Can you do a wheelie?". Even Hamlet would be able to stop questioning "to be/ or not to be" before some people will realize that it's not ok to ask you to pop a wheelie. 

1. "What’s the top speed?" It happens especially when you ride a bike with a digital dash. Otherwise, they’re just gonna have a look. Whatever your answer might be they’ll say “You’re gonna die!” 

2. "Is this a BMW, or did you put that badge on yourself?" Every BMW was faced with this. Inevitably, after telling them that it’s no Honda, the next question is “Since when does BMW make motorcycles?

3. "How much does it cost?" You don’t have to ride a brand new Harley-Davidson CVO to surprise them. "You could have bought a car for this money." Because it’s not normal to spend more than $2,000 on a thing with no roof that can get you killed in seconds.

4. "What happens when it rains?" Besides the fact that it will be a profitable year in agriculture, nothing. Uhm, does get wet, but bikers can't stop every time it drizzles. 

5. "Aren’t you hot (above 25 C/ 77 F)?" No, I’m ok. Really. It’s the wind. "Aren’t you cold (below 25 C/ 77 F)?" No, I’m ok. I got my cold weather gear on. I even have heated clothes. Do you not risk getting electrocuted?

6. "Do you ever wash it?" 

7. "Let’s say the police suspends you riding license. Can you still drive a car?" No, I’m gonna drive a convertible and raise the middle finger to them!

8. "Can you do a wheelie?" Let’s assume you see a house builder. Will you ask him to build a wall in the middle of the road? 

9. "Can I ride it?" Yeah. In fact, keep it. I don’t need it anymore. I’m just gonna buy another one in a minute. After having an ice-cream. 

10. When riding an old Ducati. Let’s say a 1098. "Man, is something wrong with your bike?" Wait, they might have a point here… 

Now, what stupid questions people asked you? Share them with us using the comment section below. 

3 thoughts on “Ten Stupid Questions People Ask Motorcyclists

  1. Is it yours? Why else would I be riding it.
    Isn't that a bit heavy for you? Not since I stopped carrying it and started riding it.
    You're a woman! Well done Sherlock.

  2. I am 61 years of age and been riding prity much with out a break on the road since I was 16 all on my own bikes and dirt bikes from 13 years of age while at school. I currently ride a 2003 Honda Blackbird which has just turned over 100 000 miles, 92000 miles are mine.

    I regularly get asked if I have had a midlife crisis, because I am riding a bike.
    My response is always the same….

    Yes I had a midlife crisis at 13 years of age when I first rode a motorcycle and I am still going through it today.

    They are usually speechless and probably do not beleive me.

    It is funny watching the reaction every time.

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