The Toughest Hard Enduro Rally in the World Video

The Toughest Hard Enduro Rally in the World Video 1
The biggest names in hard enduro meet up once a year in Sibiu, Romania to take the start in the enduro off-road motorcycle race called Red Bull Romaniacs. The race is one of the hardest challenges from the World Enduro SuperSeries. It spreads across five days starting with a Prologue section in the city then crossing mountain areas, rocky grounds, hills and valleys, and anything but tarmac.
We’ve attended the first section, The Prologue in the city centre of Sibiu, and ahead of the big start, we’ve checked the track that the organisers put together for the riders. We are still wondering how in earth motorcycles can pass those obstacles. You can check the video in the box below or directly on our
“>YouTube Channel.
This year the competition reached its 15th edition, and to celebrate that the riders had to face even harder challenges. The Prologue was dominated by English rider Billy Bolt that took the first place. In the harder enduro sections, the South African Wade Young set everything on fire by becoming the youngest winner in the competition’s history. The man with the best results at Romaniacs (six wins), English rider Graham Jarvis didn’t found the pace to get him a podium position. Overall Rankings Red Bull Romanics 2018:
1. Wade Young – Sherco
2. Manuel Lettenbichler – KTM
3. Jonathan Walker – KTM
4. William Bolt – Husqvarna
5. Alfredo Gomez – Husqvarna Read more: BMW F850GS – First True Adventure – SIBERIA 2018 2018 BMW S1000XR Review – Best Sport-Touring Motorcycle?