Three Most Annoying Traffic Situations for a Biker

Three most annoying traffic situations for a biker 1
Annoying moments that car drivers put you trough There are moments in a biker’s life when he struggles to keep calm and cope with situations. Unfortunately, the traffic is not a friendly place to be with your motorcycle. Everyday commuting to work made me come up with a top of the situations I hate the most. You will probably say the reckless drivers are the biggest problem, but we all know that so here is my top.

Washing the windscreen

All cars come with this feature, but not all of them are that efficient. From time to time a get a small shower from the car in front of me washing the windscreen. Damn, that’s annoying! The mist of screen wash that lands on me it's so frustrating. After researching this problem, I found out that the nozzles that splash the cleaning liquid can be adjusted, but unfortunately drivers don’t care about that. BMG May Screen wash_2 1


When riding in the city, you want to stay as focused as possible. Your eyes are like a radar for the moving traffic. Filtering is the most tensed moment when your tackle heavy traffic. You have to squeeze between cars and stay sharp for any car movement and opening doors. The moment one car driver decides to honk will distract you like hell. It will even make you jump out one’s skin with additional goosebumps. Hopefully, you should keep your calm and manage to continue filtering. No Honking

Breathing emissions from the cars

The traffic can get unbearable at some point making filtering impossible. In this kind of moments, you have to wait because finding options is like looking for a needle in the haystack. And now imagine this situation on a hot summer day when every car has their air conditioning running. Those running engines will give you a sour taste. The worst moment is when you are stationed behind a diesel truck. At this point, your eyes will start burning, and breathing will be impossible. In this situation, you wish your bike came fitted with a gas mask. o CAR EMISSIONS facebook

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