Top Five Most Exclusive Touring Machines Money Can Buy

Top five most exclusive touring machines money can buy 1
Miles eating beasts that redefine luxury travelling A motorcycle might not be the first choice when it comes to covering long distances, but the bikes we’ve selected get you from A to B in the most luxurious way there is. These are reliable machines that offer storage space and increased passenger comfort. You'll leave the car at home after a ride on one of these bikes.

BMW K 1600 GTL

The K1600 is the bike of the moment when it comes to features. It’s an ultra comfortable touring machine that comes fitted with state of the art technology. Besides heated seats, heated grips, traction control, electronic suspension, clutchless shifting and more, it can even make emergency calls in case of an accident. The 1.6 liter in-straight six has a smooth performance and delivers 160 hp. This luxurious touring machine has a starting price of $30,395, but is worth every cent. You can check our BMW K1600GT review here. P90241291_highRes_bmw k 1600 gtl 11 20

Kawasaki CONCOURS®14 ABS

Also known as the GTR, Kawasaki’s touring masterpiece it's a pleasure to ride. The Concours features the same 1,352cc in-line four with Variable Valve Timing borrowed from the Ninja ZX-14R. This bike inherits the torquey spirit of a sports bike while offering comfort and rider aids. It’s made to keep you satisfied while crossing continents. The Concours comes fitted with ABS, Traction, Control, linked brakes and many more features. The starting price is $15,599 for guaranteed touring satisfaction. k4ljupfq.z2q.png

Honda Gold Wing

The Japanese manufacturer flagship tourer made a name for itself throughout the last four decades. The Gold Wing comes fitted with a lot of rider aids, and a powerful 1,832 cc horizontally opposed six-cylinder engine. It comes with electric reverse and a satellite link for your never ending trips. The starting price for the most exclusive package is $28.979 and, you also get a premium surround system. 2017_Honda_GoldWing

Triumph Trophy  SE

The Trophy is a whole different story. It’s Triumph solution for long trips, and it does a great job. The bike comes fitted with an engaging and fuel efficient 1215cc inline triple. It features the ergonomics and rider aid of a serious touring bike. The engine delivers 134 hp with a smooth and effortless response. The top model is the SE that comes loaded with electronic systems like the cruise control, traction control, tyre pressure monitoring system, electronic suspension and even Bluetooth integrated audio. The price for the Trophy SE starts at $19,500. 62181 Triumph Trophy 1200 SE.2

Harley Road Glide Ultra

Harley says this bike will come out the factory doors and never stop until it catches the horizon. The Road Glide Ultra comes fitted with a shark nose fairing and a big windscreen to keep you away from the wind. The ergonomics are intended to keep you on the road as much as possible. Harley also fitted the Road Glide with LED lights, a state of the art stereo and a big full-colour touch screen. The engine is the powerful Milwaukee Eight 107 ready to carry you around the world. The price starts at $26,299 for the ride that could make a continent feel too small. 17 hd road glide ultra 1 large@x2

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