Why You Shouldn’t Date a Biker Girl

Why You Shouldn’t Date a Biker Girl 1
Looking at that beautiful blonde riding a sport bike? Think again. Dating a biker girl is suicidal. Your world will be turned upside down and your life might be in danger.  Hard to impress It’s a simple task to hook up with a non-biker woman. You just have to put her on the back seat and accelerate. Even at 30 mph she’ll think that you CB500 is a rocket. Try the same think with a motorcyclist woman… She might be faster than you.  Expensive gear Women love fashion and clothes-shopping. If you have a non-biker girlfriend you can really buy some nice things for $100. Well, imagine her looking at the Alpinestars Vika motorcycle suit or at the latest Arai Helmet. She’ll ruin you.  She can beat the shit out of you Don’t disrespect her. A biker girl is brave, strong and choleric. Let’s assume your gonna stare at some beautiful blonde on an R1. You’ll get a carbon-fibre fist in your mouth as fast as you can say “brraap”. Milla Resident evil She uses too much oil The cooking pan doesn’t have a dip stick.  Read More Five wife-friendly ballistic motorcycles The ultimate behaviour guide for passengers Meet the adventure minions. An all-new adventure class She might think that Steven Tyler is sexier than you Don’t take her at motorcycle rallies. She might dump you, steal your bike and leave with some Steven Tyler-like rock star riding a Harley.  You can’t go out with the guys anymore “Baby, I’ll go out this weekend. It’s too cold for you to come”. This might work if talking to a car-girl. The biker girls is as brave as you and she won’t get scared by rain.  Harley girl Main Photo: www.womensmotoexhibit.com/

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