Yamaha R1M vs. BMW S1000RR. Best Streetbike

Yamaha R1M vs. BMW S1000RR. Best Streetbike 1

Yamaha R1M and BMW S1000RR are one of the most wanted superbikes of the moment. Although built for racing, many of us are buying sports bikes also for on-road weekend escapes. That’s why we came up with this test – to see which one is the most comfortable, agile, fun, and ready to go for a street ride. 

Both motorcycles are 2018 models and the we unboxed the Yamaha R1 about two weeks ago. Besides the exhausts, both of them are coming in full spec. 

Watch the video in the main window above. By the way, which one is your favorite? The Yamaha R1M or the BMW S1000RR? 

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