BMW S1000RR Stock vs LeoVince Full Exhaust VIDEO

BMW S1000RR Stock VS LeoVince Full Exhaust VIDEO 1

How to mount a full-racing exhaust

Fitting a new pipe on your bike is like unwrapping Christmas gifts. A bike should be a mash-up of feelings that will bring up the kid inside you every time you fire it up. A good aftermarket exhaust system will only bring out the best of it. 

The Euro 4 regulations are fun killers, but you have a lot of choices on the market. I bought a LeoVince full titanium race line for my BMW S1000RR ($1,600) and decided to make a short movie while I fitted it. If you want to do it by yourself, watch the video below and subscribe to our YouTube Channel for similar videos. 

My reason for fitting a racing line is obvious – I will transform my stock S1000RR in a track bike. Still, you can buy one for your street motorcycle no matter if it's a sports bike, a chopper or an adventure bike. Changing it will not only make it sound better but it will also increase the throttle response and engine performance. Make sure the pipes you choose are road legal otherwise you may end up with some fines.

The fitting is not a complicated operation and if you like working on your bike, it will be a pleasure. You have to follow a few simple rules and first to make sure you have the right tools for the job. The full exhaust lines might be a little more tricky to mount because you will find sensors and valves on your way, but you can bypass them easily. Go for the lines specially designed for your bike, don’t try your luck with pipes designated for other models and by doing so, the job will be a walk in the park.

For some newer injection models, you will need to remap your ECU because your bike’s engine is used to feel some brace-pressure from the catalytic converter. If you end up with an unstable idle or errors, you have to fit the bike with a sensor bypass. 

On my bike, it took around an hour or two of working but it was worth every second. The throttle response is quicker and the power feels more present with the new exhaust. I still have to remap the computer in order to make sure the engine gets the right amount of fuel and air. Hopefully, these changes will get me in the first places on the grid.

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