2017 BMW K1600GT Gets Reverse Assist & SOS Button

2017 BMW K1600GT gets Reverse Assist & SOS Button 1

BMW updated its flagship luxury tourer and adapted the inline-six engine to the EU4 regulations

The new BMW K1600GT is even more luxurious, due to a reverse assist and an optimized wind and weather protections. As for the safety, besides the electronics, the tourer has an SOS Button. 

The engine is still the same 160 horsepower inline-six engine, which is meets the Euro 4 regulations. 

K 16000 GT (6) 2

BMW presented its “facelifted” BMW K1600GT at the Intermot motorcycle show. There are no big differences compared to the bike launched six years ago, but the small details are the ones who give refinement. 

K 16000 GT (4) 2

The new K1600GT comes with an improved Dynamic active suspension system as standard. At its 320 kg wet weight, it wasn’t easy at all to maneuver it at low speeds, so the reverse gear is a welcomed addition. The reverse assist is activated by pressing a button located on the left handlebar.

K 16000 GT (24) 2

K 16000 GT (7) 2

Another available option is the Shift Assistant Pro, which allows riders to shift up and down without activating the clutch. 

The instruments have a new design. 

The 2017 BMW K1600GT will have an SOS button as an option. If an accident occurs, the intelligent emergency call is activated automatically or manually, sending the coordinates of the motorcycle to the BMW Call Center. 

The side trim parts were redesigned, and the slipstream deflectors were enlarged to optimize the weather protection. 

There is still no word about the Bagger. It will probably be presented at EICMA – Milano. 


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