2017 Ducati GP17 Unveiled. First Time for Lorenzo in Red

2017 Ducati GP17 unveiled. First Time for Lorenzo in Red 1

Ducati presented its 2017 MotoGP machine and pilots. It’s the first time we see Jorge Lorenzo in Ducati colors

Jorge Lorenzo is Ducati’s new weapon for the 2017 MotoGP season. The former Yamaha pilot joins Andrea Dovizioso and will compete aboard the new Ducati GP17 machine. 

The two pilots pulled the covers off the bikes, but Ducati didn’t reveal the specification of the new bike. The fairings come from the GP16 models, and we’ll see the new bikes in final shape in the first round of the championship. 

Bologna Factory Ducati

Ducati GP17 Lorenzo Dovisioso

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It’s the lack of the winglets who changed everything for Ducati. The Italian engineers must find another aerodynamic innovation to replace the wings and that innovation will be homologated in the future weeks. 

Ducati GP17.png

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