2017 Harley-Davidson Street Rod. Competitive Price and Sporty Approach

The new Harley-Davidson Street Rod is the MT-07 of the Cruiser World

Harley-Davidson unveiled a new small displacement urban cruiser. The new Street Rod comes with drag style bars with bar-end mirror, inverted forks, piggyback reservoir rear shocks and the new Revolution X “High Output” liquid-cooled V-Twin engine. 

New High Output Revolution X™ 750cc engine features a dual throttle body, new cylinder heads, enhanced intake ports and cams, a 12.0:1 compression ratio that delivers 20% more horsepower and 10% more torque than the Street 750, according to Harley-Davidson. 

Redline is increased from 8,000 rpm to 9,000, with an attendant 18 percent power boost on the top end. Claimed output is 68.4 horsepower at 8,750 rpm and 47.2 pound-feet of torque at 4,000 rpm.

Harley-Davidson officials say that the new Street-Rod was built to appeal to a specific demographic in a space where Harley didn’t have a product. The guys at “Cycle World” rated this bike as the Harley equivalent to the Yamaha MT-07 [FZ-07]. 

New Harley Davidson Street Rod3

The chassis puts this urban cruiser into a more sporty zone: 27 degrees rake, longer travel suspension, raised height for increased cornering clearance and 17-inch aluminum front and rear wheels. 

A pair of 300 mm front discs were designed for improved braking power (compared to the single disc on Street 750). 

Harley-Davidson describes its Street Rod as having a “pure, stripped down, aggressive look.” What we see is black, grey and no chrome. 

It comes with a 238 kg weight in running order and a 13,1 l fuel tank. 

New Harley Davidson Street Rod9

The 750 cc series was created for those into urban riding with fiction over form in mind, but also looking for a Harley-Davidson. 

The new Harley-Davidson Street Rod can be fitted with original optional parts such as LED Headlamps, diamond black hand grips or diamond black footpegs. There’s also a whole range of gear you can choose from. 

The price:

Germany – € 8.465 
UK – £6795

New Harley Davidson Street Rod12

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