2017 Suzuki GSX-R 1000 Revealed at Intermot

Suzuki wants a come back with the all new GSX-R 1000

The completely new bike developed by Suzuki is expected to regain its leading position in the Superbike class. A new frame and engine were built for the GSX-R with leading technology borrowed from MotoGP.

The engine

The propulsion unit used for the new GSX-R is entirely new. The Variable Valve Train (VVT) technology comes from Suzuki’s MotoGP bike. The VVT system gives the engine a boost at peak power. With the help of ball bearings, it uses centrifugal force to change the orientation of the intake camshaft. Therefore the timing is modified at a certain RPM. The result is increased engine revs without losing the low and mid-range power. The new technology is a mechanical system due to MotoGP rules but proven its reliability. The new engines benefit from a Ride-by-Wire throttle also and adjustable power output.

The frame

The new frame is a twin-spar style designed with the help of the MotoGP experience. Is meant to be more compact and 10% lighter and comes with a high level of grip when cornering. The swingarm is 40mm longer to increase the stability and add to the superior racetrack experience.


At the last year release, the GSX-R was equipped with semi-active suspensions. The R model comes with Showa Balance Free Forks BFF for front and Balance Free Cushion for rear while the standard model is equipped with Showa Big Piston.



The electronics are the same as the leading superbikes. The IMU comes with 10 level traction control and for the R model you get launch control and a bidirectional quick-shifter. The instrument cluster is new and comes in different background color for the stock or R model.

2017 Suzuki GSX-R 1000 Revealed at Intermot 10

The looks

The Suzuki style that was adopted in the last decade is still present on this bike. It looks more sharpened and comes with a different headlight and tail unit. The front fairing seems a bit bigger than any other Suzuki model.

The GSX-R 1000 is one of the most expected releases of this year. After the 2015 unveiling, we knew it had to be worth the wait. This bike is filled with new things and high-tech systems we can’t wait to test it

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