2017 Yamaha MT-10 SP. When the R1M Gets Naked

Yamaha revealed a high-spec version of its MT-10 hypernaked

Yamaha unveiled its new MT-10 SP. Unlike the standard MT-10, this one features the Ohlins Electronic Racing Suspension and the full-color TFT already seen on the YZF R1M. 

If the basic MT-10 is a naked R1, then the MT-10 SP is a naked R1M. In comes in the same color theme as the high-spec superbike and it offers the same electronic Ohlins suspension and the full-color dashboard. 

Still, Yamaha didn’t put the sophisticated IMU unit found on R1 and R1M. 

The new MT-10 series (both the standard and the SP version) now has a standard quick-shifter. 

2017 Yamaha MT10DX EU Silver Blu Carbon Detail 004

Other features already found on the basic MT-10: traction control system, assist & slipper clutch and, of course, ABS.

The cross plane engine is capable of the same 160 horsepower. 

2017 Yamaha MT10DX EU Silver Blu Carbon Detail 010

The MT-10 SP’s main rival is the BMW S1000R, which also got an update. 

2017 Yamaha MT10DX EU Silver Blu Carbon Static 001

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