2018 Honda CB1000R Unboxing & Engine Start-Up

2018 Honda CB1000R Unboxing & Engine Start-up 1

The 2018 CB1000R just arrived. Honda dealer gave us a call and said: “guys, it’s yours. Unwrap it!”. “Only if we’re gonna review it after that,” we said. “Deal”. Hope he keeps the promise. 

This 2018 Honda CB1000R is derived from the Neo Sports Cafe Concept and is one of the best-looking naked motorcycles on the market. The look is all-new, but the engine is derived from the one on the old CBR1000 and it makes 143 hp. 

The price: $12,999 in the USA, €13,290 in Germany. Watch the video in the main window and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel. 


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